What You Can Expect

At Fischer Hearing Centre we team with all the major Canadian Hearing Aid manufacturers to provide
the very best solution for your unique needs. Hearing aids have never looked or sounded better. Our
best practice commitment to you will always ensure that hearing aid fittings start with Real Ear
Measurement (REM) Verification. This guarantees a great start to a great fitting. Your journey to better
hearing starts today!


Wondering what to expect when you book an appointment?

1. Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Years of experience and education and state of the art equipment will ensure this is the best hearing
evaluation you have ever had, designed to provide a comprehensive picture of your hearing health.

2. Patient – Centered Approach

We believe in personalized care, and we are great listeners. We will take the time to learn your unique
hearing needs, concerns, and lifestyle, ensuring we address your specific hearing challenges effectively.

3. Counseling and Education 

We are committed to empowering our patients and their families with knowledge and understanding
about their hearing health. From the hearing evaluation, through to treatment options if necessary, we
are here to guide, educate and support.

4. Customized Treatment Plan

If your evaluation reveals any hearing loss or medical issues, our team will work closely with you,
developing a personalized treatment plan or referring to appropriate paraprofessionals as required. Our
goal is your improved hearing health and success.

5. Ongoing Support and Care.

At Fischer Hearing Centre, our commitment to you doesn’t end with your evaluation. We’ll provide
ongoing support, follow up appointments, adjustments, and counselling to ensure your continued
success and satisfaction. We are here for you, helping you hear better, every day.